Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Parking Study, Bike Plan, committee meeting

This communication has three parts:

1. Parking Study Update
In case you missed the public open house on 19 April, you can find a summary of the interim findings on the Princeton Parking Study page. The summary contains a timeline for the study. The parking inventory map shows the many and varied regulations on the study area's 4200 parking spaces.

As a reminder, please complete the online survey. You may complete the survey even if you don't drive or park a car. You may complete it more than once if you have more than one stake in parking downtown, e.g. you could be a commuter on weekdays and a patron of the shops and restaurants on weekends. You can also send longer remarks by Email (link from the parking study page).

2. Bicycle Master Plan update
Princeton's Complete Streets Committee has considered the bike committee's recommendations on the Bicycle Master Plan and liked it so much that they did more than endorse it: In the next step, the recommendation is sent jointly from the Princeton Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Complete Streets Committee, to the Planning Board.

The next bike committee meeting is Thursday, May 4, 7.30-9pm at the Municipal complex on 400 Witherspoon St. The meeting is open to the public.

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