Friday, March 10, 2017

Princeton Bicycle Master Plan: your feedback please

Princeton is one step closer toward adopting a Bicycle Master Plan (BMP), as a revised version has been prepared by the consultants, Parsons Brinckerhoff.. Since the Bicycle Master Plan will become part of the Princeton Community Master Plan, it will be discussed by the Planning Board, in an upcoming meeting on Thursday, March 16 at 5.30pm at 400 Witherspoon St.

The meeting is open to the public.

We encourage you to look through the proposed Bicycle Master Plan (links below) and bring your comments and suggestions to the Planning Board meeting. Keep in mind the following:

– A large fraction (60%) of the population wants to bike but is concerned about road safety. The implementation of a good BMP will take away that fear, and encourage residents to use their bike or their feet rather than their car.
– A strong and functional BMP is one that clearly lays out the plan for improved bike infrastructure over the next decade or so.
– Ideally, the BMP obviates the need for a street-by-street fight where, for instance, neighbors who like to see bike lanes built are pitted against neighbors who like to keep on-street parking.

The draft Circulation amendment & draft bikeway map along with the reports from Parsons are included in this Dropbox link

The Circulation Element is the part of the Municipal Master Plan that deals with traffic.

The draft Final BMP is in text only. If you want to see the graphics, maps and tables that go with it, you can download the previous version (PDF), also linked at the bottom of the BMP page.

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