Wednesday, December 28, 2016

news: Amsterdam's "bike mayor" plans a move to NYC

"Even in Amsterdam, a place where everyone seems to travel by two wheels, Anna Luten didn't expect to 
become the city's first Bike Mayor. 

"Luten, who now works for the manufacturer Giant Bicycles as a brand manager, won the independent post 
by popular vote last June, becoming the first municipal Bike Mayor in the world. 

"It's all part of a program created by the cycling advocacy group CycleSpace, which hopes to make Luten a 
model for other such positions in cities around the globe, in a bid to raise awareness and promote better 
transportation planning around the globe.

Anna, do you think the bike mayor concept is exportable to other cities? 

"Well, I hope so, because in February I am moving to New York to begin the process of setting up the city with a 
bike mayor program of its own. Working there is going to be fascinating, not least because they have a different 
style of cycling. I think that's partly because, compared to Amsterdam, the distances are so vast. I found Brooklyn 
a more relaxed environment for cycling, perhaps sometimes even better than Amsterdam, but in Manhattan it's 
very different. There, cyclists often avoid major streets and find quieter back routes, trading a slower journey time 
for more safety and less stress. Setting up the project may be a challenge, but it's somehow perfect that the bike 
mayor concept is moving from Amsterdam to New Amsterdam."

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