Wednesday, November 16, 2016

'Friendship Bike Ride' in Princeton *Photos*

Last Sunday some of us rode for the 'Princeton Friendship Ride'. This was an informal bike ride  aimed at bringing neighbors together after the election campaign and expressing support and solidarity with all people who live and work in Princeton. Although it wasn't an official town or Princeton Bike Committee ride, Council Member-Elect Tim Quinn (pictured above in 'Anchor House' jersey) joined us as we went around the town.

We had a really great turnout of people of all ages, getting together at the Ivy Inn and riding right down Nassau Street, through Palmer Square, and on to John Street. After a quick right turn, we returned to the Ivy via Witherspoon Street, Spring Street and Park Place.

I have to be honest, I was pretty tense while we were riding on Nassau and Witherspoon Streets. It was a pretty tight squeeze for our bunch of cyclists, but everybody stayed safe. There was even some [friendly!] chanting and bell-ringing as we passed through the town.

By the end, we decided that we ought to keep going for an extra tour, so we went down Olden Lane and round by Prospect to let the students know we were around. It was a very positive ride, and I was really happy to see such a nice group come out. I wish everybody a safe 4 years and safe cycling ahead!

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