Thursday, July 7, 2016

White Bikes, Big City - the ongoing Matthew Von Ohlen case

Matthew Von Ohlen was riding in the bike lane in Williamsburg on Saturday 
when, according to police, a motorist intentionally slammed into him. Von Ohlen
was killed and the driver fled the scene. The NYPD responded the following 
morning by issuing summonses to cyclists on the same block for running red lights. 

According to the NYPD and video footage of the crash, Von Ohlen did nothing wrong. 
[...] Yet officers from the 90th Precinct were out the next day summonsing cyclists
and passing out pamphlets about their obligations and responsibilities. 

"This is a particularly egregious example of the NYPD's skewed priorities when it comes
to traffic enforcement, and of the victim-blaming mentality that pervades the department,"
said Paul Steely White, the director of Transportation Alternatives, in a statement today.

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