Monday, July 25, 2016

safety news: County Receives Approvals for Pedestrian Crosswalk on Washington Road in Princeton

It's taken almost 2 years, but finally:

"Mercer County has received approvals from the Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission 
to install a crosswalk and pedestrian-activated beacons at the Washington Road crossing, 
a crossing heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists. 

"The approvals were necessary due to the proposed crossing's proximity to the Delaware and 
Raritan Canal State Park Towpath and the potential visual impacts on the elm allee. The State 
Historic Preservation Office, Princeton Historic Preservation Office, and Princeton University all 
had to sign off on the project as well. 

"The work will be done by the Mercer County Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. 
Officials said the crosswalk, as well as flashers on posts and the road, will be installed by the end
of this year."

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