Friday, May 20, 2016

EVENT - 18th annual Cory's Ride on Saturday, June 4

Cory's Ride is always a fun event.  As evidenced by my collection
of colorful T-shirts, some of which no longer fit me, I've participated
quite a few times over the years. The 'same day' registration fee is $35.

  • A ride to benefit the Anchor House Cory C. Golis Memorial Scholarship Fund. 
  • A time to meet and socialize with friends and other bike riders. 
  • A day to remember and honor Cory Golis. 

In case you need more motivation, I'd add the following aspects

  • the event venue is nowadays Rosedale Park, off of Federal City Road. This 
         makes it possible to ride to the start/end location. I might just decide to do this
         versus driving, esp if the weather is fantastic. Until a few years ago, start/end was
         at Tall Cedars Picnic Grove, with access to some very nice roads, but distant.

  • Rosedale Park is also one of the usual start/end locations for an outing on the Lawrence-
         Hopewell Trail (, so this is a convenient way to learn about that jewel.

  • Cory's Ride is closely affiliated with Anchor House where, as you probably know,
         Tim Quinn has been involved in a leadership role. So Cory's Ride will allow you to
         ride alongside Tim and discuss cycling-related or other issues of concern, as he
         is running for Town Council this year - the primary election is the following Tuesday.

Learn more about the event at the links below.

Map - Rosedale Park, directions to/from Princeton

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