Friday, May 20, 2016

EVENT - 18th annual Cory's Ride on Saturday, June 4

Cory's Ride is always a fun event.  As evidenced by my collection
of colorful T-shirts, some of which no longer fit me, I've participated
quite a few times over the years. The 'same day' registration fee is $35.

  • A ride to benefit the Anchor House Cory C. Golis Memorial Scholarship Fund. 
  • A time to meet and socialize with friends and other bike riders. 
  • A day to remember and honor Cory Golis. 

In case you need more motivation, I'd add the following aspects

  • the event venue is nowadays Rosedale Park, off of Federal City Road. This 
         makes it possible to ride to the start/end location. I might just decide to do this
         versus driving, esp if the weather is fantastic. Until a few years ago, start/end was
         at Tall Cedars Picnic Grove, with access to some very nice roads, but distant.

  • Rosedale Park is also one of the usual start/end locations for an outing on the Lawrence-
         Hopewell Trail (, so this is a convenient way to learn about that jewel.

  • Cory's Ride is closely affiliated with Anchor House where, as you probably know,
         Tim Quinn has been involved in a leadership role. So Cory's Ride will allow you to
         ride alongside Tim and discuss cycling-related or other issues of concern, as he
         is running for Town Council this year - the primary election is the following Tuesday.

Learn more about the event at the links below.

Map - Rosedale Park, directions to/from Princeton

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

author of "The High Cost of Free Parking" is on WHYY at 11AM today

Today on "Radio Times",  Mary Cummings-Jordan speaks with parking guru Donald Shoup. 11AM - noon.

 Are parking spaces poisoning our cities? According to our guest DONALD SHOUP, deemed the "parking guru" by many of his peers, an overabundance of parking spaces can lead to increased traffic, harm to the economy, and can even exacerbate poverty. In this hour of Radio Times, guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan speaks with Shoup about his years studying the humble parking space. They'll also discuss his efforts to persuade city planners to think differently about cars and urban design, and how this might impact city denizens across the globe. He is the author of The High Cost of Free Parking. - 

See more at: Radio Times | WHYY

Recently in the New Yorker magazine, a long article about recycling and plastic bags etc.

The Bag Bill  - Taking action on a ubiquitous ecological blight.

The article is by Ian Frazier, author of "Travels in Siberia" and many other wonderful books.

"The Specialized Foundation uses cycling as a tool for children to achieve academic and social success. 
Over the past few years, we've worked with schools across the United States to create a comprehensive cycling program, and to support research on how cycling can positively affect student learning, health, and well being—with a particular focus for those with learning differences such as ADHD. 

"For the next academic year, we'll select up to 10 schools to be part of our Riding for Focus program, with the potential to impact over 900 students. This is an ambitious goal, and we're looking to partner with equally ambitious schools to make this happen and help advance the mission of the Foundation. The selected schools will receive extensive support, training, and equipment, with the aim of creating a lasting cycling program in each of these schools. Riding For Focus is designed for students in the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grades."

Finally, take note  -    this Saturday, 10AM - 2PM, a fundraiser car wash to be held at the Harrison Street fire station:
Princeton High School's Odyssey of the Mind Team #1 successfully met the challenge of designing a vehicle powered by a human propulsion system (other than pedaling) to place first at the State Finals in Ewing, winning a bid to the World Final Championship at Iowa State University May 25-28.