Thursday, April 28, 2016

pillar of the community: Jason Fenton of Halter's Bike Shop

Jason Fenton is the owner of Halter's Cycles, in the Montgomery
Shopping Center on Route 206 north of Princeton.

He's also a builder/steward of the wonderful off-road trail network in
Six Mile Run reservoir site, part of the D&R Canal State Park.

The Dirt Merchant, a 10-minute documentary film by Adam Nawrot,
"isn't necessarily a documentary about Six Mile Run State Park or Jason
Fenton in particular, but rather a film about the cycling community and how
its individual members make it what it is."

The video is over 3 years old, but I only just stumbled upon it. You can
view it at Adam's website here or else here.  Definitely recommended !

To experience trail biking at Six Mile Run, click here.

To locate the Six Mile Run trail network on a map, click here and turn on
the Bicycling layer.

To learn more about Halter's and Jason, click here.

And get ready ... May is Bike Month !

Friday, April 22, 2016

Packet article - profile of local ped/bike advocate Nat Bottigheimer

LOOSE ENDS: He wants to ride his bicycle      By Pam Hersh 

"Nat Bottigheimer bikes around Princeton and at Washington D.C., where he has an office, and takes advantage of the 
Capital Bikeshare Program. Feature stories about Princeton residents making significant contributions to the community
generally begin with the following descriptive phrase(s): "long-time Princeton resident," "life-long Princeton resident," 
"native Princetonian." 

"When I got to know Princeton cycling advocate Nat Bottigheimer, who serves with me on the Princeton Traffic and Transportation
Committee, now reconfigured as the Princeton Complete Streets Committee, I was surprised to learn that this dedicated and
hard-working community volunteer rode into town only four years ago. The suburban myth is that he arrived by bike. 

"Looking into his background, however, one discovers that Nat has a long-time connection to Princeton through his wife, Eve Ostriker, a Princeton
University astrophysicist and daughter of another Princeton University astrophysicist and former Princeton University Provost Jeremiah
Ostriker. While the father-daughter team is changing the world by focusing on outer space, Nat is changing the world in a more grounded
way by focusing on spaces like bike paths within his own community. 

"When Nat, a Harvard- and UC Berkeley-educated, public-policy expert, is not riding his bike, he is writing, speaking, and thinking about
bike riding, and how to improve the biking experience through sensible planning leading to bike-centric improvements in the community."