Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Complete Streets" cover story in US1 newspaper re: NJBWC Summit a week from today

It's in the Feb 17 edition and eventually will be viewable online at this link.

     Banner headline on the cover is 'COMPLETE STREETS - NOT YET 'COMPLETED'

Page 26  -   Road Warriors Fight to Take Streets from Cars   by US1 Business editor Diccon Hyatt.

Page 27  -   Cyclists Face Daily Gauntlet  by Robert Hebditch  [*]

Page 29  -   The Story of Complete Streets

Page 30  -   The Few, The Proud, the Commuter Cyclists

   Both of the above are excerpted from the book Completing Our Streets by Barbara McCann,
   who is a featured speaker at the New Jersey Bike/Walk Coalition summit, to be held here in
   Princeton next Saturday at the Friend Center for Engineering Education, 35 Olden Avenue.

[*]   Robert Hebditch must have been in my basement lately, where I'm resurrecting an old Fuji 10-speed.

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