Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Re: Steve Kruse Is Stepping Down As Chair of PBAC After 7 1/2 Years

Aha! I knew there was some reason I decided to hire that Sam Bunting  guy.   Of course I'm joking --
volunteers don't get hired, they get inspired to freely donate their time & talents. Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.
Hello, are you out there ?    Consider joining PBAC, that rare committee which can wave its own battle flag
Anthem not yet available.

Sporadic news roundup for this week.

1. Tim Quinn, avid bicyclist and Anchor House stalwart becomes a candidate for town council. Read article

2. Should you buy that bike you covet ?  The Financial Benefits of Buying What You Love from NYTimes.

                   Also the "Times Topic" collection of articles on smog

3. Bike Master Plan - new documents - three PDF's have been uploaded into the PBAC doc archive.  Please
    help us publicize the project among your friends & relatives. The Public Involvement (outreach)  flyer 
    summarizes the various ways people can provide input

            Fact Sheet                    Fact Sheet (Spanish version)              Public Involvement Flyer

4.  Should The Bicycle Win the Next Nobel Peace Prize? Some Italian Radio Hosts Think So. From Momentum Magazine news

5.  Is it true that a champion bike racer was spotted at Jammin' Crepes ?  No, sorry. The badger-related rumor is false.

6.  Bike Lane Battle in Vancouver, BC. - 8-minute CBC story on YouTube  featuring noted activist/professor Kay Teschke


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