Friday, November 20, 2015

Re: [pjpbac-public forum listserv] Where (Strava using) Cyclists Ride in Princeton

On Thursday, November 19, 2015 5:37 PM, Tineke Thio <> wrote:

Data is beautiful!           Thank you for sharing, Jerry. 

When you check out the map, keep this in mind from the Strava homepage:  "Unlock Your Potential 
-- Connect with a global community of athletes and train like never before."

So the heat map is generated by predominantly sports riders?

(Looking around the map, I was starting to feel like a cockroach: all those well-traveled routes 
are the ones I avoid. Not being very athletic, but risk-averse).                -Tineke


Answering Tineke, yes the data is skewed to the "performance" cohort of cyclists,
and I'd be surprised if less than 3/4 of the data comes from Princeton U students.

It's hard to tell how many unique subscribers generated these colored lines. Dozens ?

Strava, a "social fitness" app named after the Swedish translation of "to strive", was
the subject of a post here, almost 3 years ago. And yet, my form is still in the dumps!

What I noticed in the "heat map":

- a blob of red is evident in front of Kopp's bike shop, but the blob of red at Jay's
  is smeared out by the traffic along Nassau. But Kopp's is and has always been
  the more "racing scene" oriented shop. 

- the topographic info is cool. It really hi-lites the location of the various quarries,
  for example Trap Rock near Rocky Hill. Off-road trails for "fat tire" bikers can be seen.

- Streams, lakes, bodies of water are easier to spot using the 2 other "heat styles",
   and this might also be true for open space areas. Plan your trip out to the LHT.

- there is little traffic on certain roads, for example Cedar Lane, which are in 
  fact heavily used by school-age kids and their parents. Could Strava Metro help ?

- if you zoom out, it indicates what a more regional "paper bike map" would show.
  The question being, would any publisher be interested in taking that on as a project.
  One answer:  "probably yes, because real estate agents seem to dig paper maps".


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