Tuesday, November 10, 2015

fyi, New Yorker magazine piece by Maria Konnikova

Cars vs. Bikes vs. Pedestrians      Will the war among them ever end ?  

Whichever mode of transportation you currently happen to be using—whether you're the pedestrian, 
the cyclist, or the driver—you are correct, no matter the scenario. Everyone else is in your way, wrong,
annoying, and otherwise a terrible human being. 

The fight for the streets is, presumably, as old as the streets. From the moment the first horse and buggy
hit the London pavement, hansom drivers and startled pedestrians likely had words. But why does this
particular drama play out as it does? And in the modern urban landscape—which includes more people,
more cars, and, in recent years, more bikes than ever before—can there be any good answer to the
question of who, if anyone, is in the right?

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