Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kinda young, kinda now, Charlie! Kinda free, kinda wow! Charlie!

That guy with a beard on a bike giving a kindly wave - who is he ? He's Charles Wine, 
retired RCA/Sarnoff scientist and prolific inventor, who resides on ... Hamilton Ave !

Philip Sean Curran has written a nice story about him for the Princeton Packet this week:

Note - the above link doesn't take you directly to the article about Charlie Wine, it just
goes to the Packet Online.  Whose online content, for me at least, tends to freeze my
browser. I must need to install a plugin or upgrade or ad blocker or sumpin'.   Anyway ...

Charlie Wine was out biking around town last Sunday morning when he was spotted
at an intersection by the team of consultants just starting their research on the upcoming
Bike Master Plan. He gave one of his patented "hello - everything is and will be okay" waves.

An intro presentation about the Bike Master Plan was made to the planning board last Thursday.
The slides can be viewed here, or else viewed as video from the meeting starting here.

PS - have you ever wondered why some of our streets look the way they do ? Have you ever
been so curious that you Googled for "two-lane, tree-lined road with minimal shoulders" and
were not surprised to find it yielded just one hit ? Or after I post this, say only two hits ?  

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