Friday, June 5, 2015

Princeton Ciclovia 2015 is June 28 ... and PBAC could use some helpers

PBAC will again arrange to close Quaker Road to motorized traffic
for 3 hours, from 1-4PM on the afternoon of Sunday, June 28. This
will be your chance to experience the exhilaration of the open road,
now augmented by an unpaved sidepath connecting to the towpath.

Check out this wonderful photo taken at the inaugural 2014 event.

We are slightly behind when it comes to promotional activities, partly
because our poster hasn't been updated yet. Can anybody out there offer
assistance ?  Our poster from last year is a PDF - click here to view it.

The poster needs a few minor edits/updates, so if anybody out there
is adept at using Adobe Illustrator or some other suitable graphics tool, it
would be preferable to having me trying to plod through this task on a Mac at
the public library.  To offer your services, email us at

Thanks, and TGIF. More details about the 2015 Ciclovia to follow.

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