Friday, June 5, 2015

on the birth of a new verb (or at least, a new hashtag)

From this article in Momentum magazine.   See also here and here.

While quaxing in its "official" sense includes 'shopping by any form of 
non-car means', it is unsurprising that the trend has been embraced so
wholeheartedly by the global everyday cycling community. 

In debates about cycling – particularly in the North American and Oceanic
contexts – cyclists are often assumed to be lycra-clad road racers who 
ride for sport and fitness. The growing ranks of people who ride bikes for 
transportation are almost entirely overlooked in the conversation. 

Quaxing highlights the possibilities of a lifestyle where cycling is just a 
regular, everyday part of a person or family's routine. In this sense, 
quaxing is much more significant than just a humorous internet meme. 

It makes the oft-forgotten point that cars are not the only – or best – 
transportation option, and serves as a visual instructional guide for
those who couldn't imagine a car-free lifestyle. 

Quaxing is rallying call to politicians to take the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, 
and transit users seriously. At this point Dick Quax is definitely listening,
let's hope others are too.

And surely you'd like to know the proportion of quaxing households in NZ cities
- bonus points if you can spot any kiwi fruits among the grocery bags.

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