Wednesday, June 24, 2015

have you driven a Fold (er, I mean "Ford") lately ?

"Alongside Ford's announcement of its Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing scheme 
last night, the company also detailed its latest smartbike — the MoDe:Flex

"The bike is Ford's third such device, and like predecessors, is fitted with a 
motor and battery. The Flex can fold up to be stored inside a car like previous 
models, but where the older MoDe: Me and MoDe: Pro bikes were were smaller 
and designed to be used by commuters who may drive some of the distance to 
work, Ford says the Flex is built for bike enthusiasts. 

"That doesn't mean you'll be getting a high-maintenance road bike with the Flex, 
though: the bigger device can interact with your smartphone, enabling a "no sweat" 
mode that will calculate how much effort you need to put on the pedals to get to your
destination without any serious physical exertion. In addition to advancing human 
laziness, the MoDe:Link app also informs riders of real-time weather, road, and traffic 
conditions up ahead. Most interestingly, Ford says the app comes with an Apple Watch
extension that can somehow detect potholes on the road.

An interesting 49-pager from Sheryl Connelly, corporate futurist at Ford Motor Co.

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