Sunday, June 7, 2015

consider joining PBAC, the pedestrian/bicyclist advisory committee

Joining Princeton PBAC is a 3-step process, almost as easy as checking the inflation of your tires:

1.   Decide you want to do it, quite possibly after being persuaded you want to do it.

2.   Fill out & send the application form (click here) common to all boards/commissions/committees.

3.   Attend one of our monthly meetings at 400 Witherspoon. The next one is Thursday the 25th.

What are some key reasons you might consider embarking on such a semi-quixotic adventure ?

- the incredible salary, benefits package, also the signing bonus. Which is to say a free T-shirt.

- you believe the tax-paying residents of our town can and should influence how our town evolves.

- you have a personal ethos, a vision of the good life, involving more and safer walking & bicycling.

- you believe a healthy and vibrant community depends on volunteerism, and ongoing renewal.

- you believe your skills / enthusiasm / energy, heretofore untapped, could help make a difference.

Send us an email <> if there are questions about joining you'd like answered. 

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