Saturday, June 20, 2015

a quick interview with the mayor

Dagur Eggertsson is the mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland.     From NYT's Download - Influencers and their interests.

"I'm reading If Mayors Ruled the World, by Benjamin R. Barber. He presents mayors as hands-on and effective as contrasted to leaders of nations who take a lot of time and fail at important things. An example from the U.S. that people probably know is that the U.S. did not commit to the Kyoto resolution working against climate change while hundreds of cities in the U.S. did. So that's a very clear example that people who run cities know what is important and do something while nation-states are failing. Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time."

"I'm excited to get the new electric Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian, developed at MIT. It's this electric motor that they just put on your bike. I've tried the prototype and it feels like flying. The motor kicks in when you are going uphill so you don't feel it and you just carry on your normal cycling and when you go downhill, it slows you down. It creates its own electricity running on the street and emits zero pollution."

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