Saturday, April 11, 2015

Princeton U grad student struck by car in crosswalk accident

Chemistry grad student Nyssa Emerson was seriously injured
Wednesday night, when using a crosswalk to return to her lab 
from the Frist Campus Center. The accident occurred at the 
intersection of Ivy Lane and Washington Road, around 9:30PM. 
It was raining lightly at the time.

According to the story in The Daily Princetonian, which was
able to talk to the victim, a car had stopped at the crosswalk.
However a second car came along in the other direction, did
not notice the pedestrian or the oncoming stopped car, and
a serious accident ensued. 

In this sense, the accident had something in common with
on Washington Road, at the crossing of the D&R towpath: the
initial car stopped as required, the next car failed to stop.

Let us keep Ms. Emerson in our thoughts as she recovers
from her injuries.

Related info:

"According to the NJ State Police 563 people were killed by motor vehicle
crashes in 2014, a 4% increase from 2013. But there were 170 people killed 
by motor vehicles while walking in New Jersey, a 28% increase."

YouTube:  IBM's "Flashing Zebra Crossing" in Rotterdam, NL.

As part of its "Smarter Planet" corporate initiative, IBM teamed
up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. They started asking children 
for smart ideas. One idea was to make street crossings safer by 
making the "zebra crossing" (crosswalk) light up when you walk 
on it. Building such a "flashing zebra" crossing on a busy street
in Rotterdam "made people realize anything can happen if you 
challenge the status quo". 

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  1. There are incidents but very few "accidents".