Sunday, March 1, 2015

creatively designed public bicycle pumps in Trenton

Great idea - I wonder what they actually look like. Does anybody out there know ?

"SAGE Coalition and Trenton Bicycle Modification Association: Pressure Points 
will support the creation of creatively designed bicycle air pumps to be placed 
throughout the city. Public art and public health are symbiotic. The public air 
pumps will assist in the functionality of a healthy and accessible form of 
transportation already utilized by many Trenton residents and tourists. These 
pumps will be created by local artists and placed near common areas such 
as parks and major transit locations."

"One of the things I like best about visiting the U.S is the public water fountains. 
It's a simple thing, but it means that you can drink free (and in New York, delicious) 
water whenever you like. They're even in the airports, which means that you can 
take an empty bottle through the security theater checkpoint and fill up in the 
departure lounge. So civilized. 

But what about my poor bike? What if its little tires get "thirsty" for air? Sure, I should 
have my pump, but what if it was confiscated at that same TSA checkpoint because I 
accidentally called it by its Spanish name, bomba, and the TSA drones freaked out? 
In this elaborate and highly unlikely scenario I could — hopefully — turn to 
the Public Bicycle Pump, made by U.K company Cyclehoop."

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