Friday, February 20, 2015

Sunflowers to Schwinns: What If The Keystone XL Pipeline Was A Bike Path ?

Oct. 2013 The debate over the Keystone XL pipeline has gotten pretty heated
and Kinder Baumgardner has an idea to cool the emotions: a really long bike path.

The creative director for the SWA Group, an Houston-based architectural firm that
designed Google Inc.'s corporate campus, says building the lane along Keystone's
path through the country's mid-section could turn what is now a source of rancor
into a tourist attraction.The firm sent a letter Oct. 17 pitching the plan to the State
Department and TransCanada Corp., the pipeline's sponsor. Its illustrations show
scenes of smiling bicyclists riding over buried pipe and by a farmer's market,
Native American teepees, cows, sunflower fields -- and a protester in a tree.

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