Monday, February 16, 2015

Princeton Bike Lane Vote Set For Tuesday, February 24.

​Princeton's Council Members are waiting to hear from the community about bike lanes.

Princeton Council is planning to make a decision about potential new bike lanes on Hamilton Avenue next Tuesday, February 24 (you can read more about the proposal here). The vote was delayed from last month because of snow. Since then, there has been substantial discussion about the proposal. Today, the 'Princeton Packet' reported that most Council members are still undecided about whether to support bike lanes. If you support a Princeton where it is safe and easy for people to use bicycles to get around, please consider either attending the meeting, or writing to our elected officials! Princeton Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Comittee is in favor of bike lanes on busy streets like this, where it can otherwise be difficult for cars to easily pass cyclists. Bike lanes on this section of Hamilton Avenue will hopefully be the start of a wider network if local people and Council lend their continued support.

As the Council vote is in the balance, your opinion has the potential to carry a great deal of weight. Although municipal policy is theoretically to favor cycling and walking, Council is looking to the community to find out whether there is support. Council Member Lance Liverman, for example, has said he 'is waiting to hear both sides' before making a decision. Council President Bernie Miller has said he will make his mind up this week. Email addresses of Council members can be found below. We look forward to joining with many supporters at the meeting next Tuesday! When the ordinance was introduced in January, we had a great turnout from friends of Princeton cycling, but attending is potentially even more important now for the final vote.

You can contact your Council members about the plan at:

(Note: you may have heard that Council will also hold a special meeting on Wednesday, February 18 to get further input from Hamilton Avenue residents. We are asking advocates to save their comments for the meeting on Feburary 24th, when the full vote will be taken, so as to give local residents a further opportunity to discuss the plan with municipal officials.)

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