Friday, January 16, 2015

January 26: The Date When Princeton Will Decide If We Want Bike Lanes.

Headline news: 'Town Topics' reports on potential bike lanes in Princeton.

Princeton Council voted on Monday night to further consider a concept for bike lanes on part of Hamilton Avenue. This does not mean that the bike lanes will be built! The proposal will now be subject to a full public hearing on January 26. The outcome of that vote will decide whether the bike lanes get the go-ahead or not.

If you want to see safe bicycle facilities in Princeton, now is the time to act. Please consider if you can help support bike lanes in Princeton by:

1. Attending Council on January 26, to speak in favor of the plan,
2. Emailing our Council members, to signal your support,
3. Writing a letter to 'Town Topics' or 'The Princeton Packet' to show that you want bike lanes!

Although the majority of Council members have supported the proposal so far, it is by no means certain that this plan will be approved. Several Council members expressed significant concerns about the plan, because it alters on-street parking provision. So far, the majority of Council and two municipal committees have agreed that this change is worthwhile. But the plan is likely to come under sustained opposition in the coming weeks. Your action may make the difference in convincing Council members that there is strong support for bike lanes.

The Princeton Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee will be writing a letter to local press and sending several committee members to testify before Council. Will you also act to demonstrate that Princeton is fully behind the concept of bike lanes? If you want to read more about the proposal, please see our earlier post, which gives details and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also contact the committee by emailing We'd love to hear from you, espeically if you are planning to lend your support!

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