Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Should Be Princeton's Biking And Walking Goals for 2015?

What can we do to make Princeton friendlier to cyclists and walkers? That was a key question addressed by PBAC at our meeting at Princeton town hall on October 23 (read the minutes here). 
Which of the many, many things that we could do ought to be priorities? Our volunteer committee members drew up individual 'wish lists' on the board, which we consolidated into a number of key action areas, which fit within our overall framework of advancing the 'Six Es'. These are:
  • Improving the Built Environment,
  • Education efforts,
  • Encouraging and organizing the cycling community in Princeton,
  • Building ties to local and regional bike/walk planning groups.
You can read our current list of planned 'key results' for 2015 as part of the minutes from our meeting. Our action items take account of input from various members of the public who have attended our meetings or emailed us feedback throughout the year. We are always interested in this feedback, so if you have some suggestions, please get in touch at pjpbac@gmail.com.

At our next PBAC meeting, which is happening this Thursday, November 20, at 400 Witherspoon Street Meeting Room A at 7.30 p.m., part of our agenda will be to revise and approve our goals. Hopefully this will set us on the way for a successful and productive 2015!

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