Friday, October 3, 2014

Re: [pjpbac-public forum listserv] announcing Operation Photo Op

We're grateful to all who participated - close to 30 images were
submitted last month. From these, the PBAC members voted
independently, and winnowed the list down to 5 popular images
which are viewable online Click here to view (2 pages).

Image #29 on page 2 received the most votes, except the
smiling cyclist has forgotten to strap on her helmet, contrary to
the safety-related text accompanying the map. This was taken from
an observation tower along the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail.

Image #28 by Wiebke is a close runner up and can also be
cropped into the desired tall/narrow aspect ratio. It loses
several points due to the protagonist having his back to the
camera. Although actually, Mother Nature is the protagonist.

Image #5 also submitted by Wiebke is more horizontal than
vertical, although it does evoke downtown Princeton superbly.

Image #25 by Aaron is tied as the runner up, but would need to
be rotated and cropped, to achieve the correct aspect ratio.

Image #14 is seriously lacking in impartiality (it's my daughter)
although this one scores bonus points by flashing the PBAC logo.

The net result of all this rumination, with our committee having not yet
reached a clear decision, is that we plan to solicit further images until
midnight on Sunday Oct 19th, which is the date of PBAC's next event,
the second annual Mayor's Ride of the Falling Leaves (details soon).

I hope this gives you some idea of what criteria we've used when
considering the cover art, and also gives encouragement.    SK

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