Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the moon's a balloon (tire)

The Super Moon bike ride last Sunday night with start/end at Rosedale
Lake was quite a cool event. The turnout was amazing - there must have
been over 500 participants. The conditions seemed perfect - clear sky,
no bugs. The event was co-sponsored by Lawrence-Hopewell Trail Corp
and the Mercer County Parks Commissions. While there were a few
hiccups and some (including yours truly) failed to navigate the loop,
or didn't see any meteors, it was still altogether a fun experience, and
one I hope to see repeated in years to come.

Digression:   The technical term for a supermoon is "perigee-syzygy of the
Earth-Moon-Sun system". In astronomy, the term "syzygy" refers to the straight-
line configuration of three celestial bodies, which also occurs during a full moon.

Perhaps some day (or night) we organize our own bike ride event under a full moon.
Of course we'd need to name it The Ride of the Syzygy, I suppose. Not only due to
all the astronomers who live in town, but also those among us who miss The X-Files.

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