Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Comedian and the Bike Builder (from

From The Wall Street Journal:  Robin Williams and Dario Pegoretti: The Comedian and the Bike Builder
by Jason Gay

By now, you may have heard that Robin Williams was a cycling fanatic. He loved the sport—its history, its 
pageantry, its champions magnificent and raffish.

He was also a devoted rider, and adored the machinery. Williams collected bikes of all types, but he was 
passionate about one brand in particular: Pegoretti. If you know bicycles, you probably know Pegorettis. 
Custom-made in Italy by master builder Dario Pegoretti, who built frames for cycling icons such as Miguel
Indurain, they are wild pieces of art, almost always steel, colorfully painted by hand. They're also serious
road machines. Imagine riding a high-performance Basquiat. That's a Pegoretti.

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