Tuesday, August 5, 2014

avoid stress, follow bliss

> But where do you feel are the very worst "high stress" sections of road in/near Princeton ?

        Thank you to all who replied.  We think it will be important to flag or somehow
        denote the not-so-fun sections of our road network in the upcoming bike map.

        We've been strategizing about what to put on the cover of said map. It will need to
        be interesting, and eye-catching. I got to thinking this New Yorker Cartoon by Harry
        Bliss would be ideal, except (a) it is no doubt pricey, and (b) one of the protagonists
        is riding sans helmet, not to mention other transgressions (c) surely I'm joking. So fresh
        ideas may be needed - stay tuned.

        The cartoonist/essayist Tim Kreider recently published an entertaining paean to cat
        ownership. There's a link to it here. A couple of years ago, as part of a series on
        Anxiety, the NYTimes published Kreider's essay Cycle of Fear wherein he, an
        anxiety-prone cat person, reports that cycling in Manhattan gives him the feeling of
        being "most fully and electrically alive".
        Giving equal time to the opposing view, here's a clip of "Eddie", cycling's most cinematic


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