Sunday, August 24, 2014

announcing Operation Photo Op

I had briefly mentioned in a previous post about what might go on
the cover of the upcoming "Biking in Princeton" paper map, to be
published within a few months. It hasn't been decided yet.

So for those among you who enjoy photography or drawing/sketching,
or know somebody who does, we encourage you to search in your
collection for a suitable image to include on the cover of our map. Or
wait for a fine cloudless day (today for example) and go make one.

The rules concerning format are, for the moment, pretty loose, and will
be specified by Nat Case, the cartographer in charge of the map. But

- the artwork or photo will need to be a digital file, not hard copy.

- send an email with your entry/submission to ""

- entries will be accepted until midnight on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

- you agree to donate or freely share your art with the public. For free.

- be aware of the rules/guidelines when taking photos in a public space.

- make it interesting and artful, okay ? 

Examples and counter-examples:

This scenic shot might be effective, except would get rejected
since it isn't recognizably Princeton. On the other hand, this photo
isn't usable since we don't know who owns the copyright, and
there is nary a helmet-clad bicyclist to be seen. Same problem here.


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