Sunday, June 15, 2014

stop to smell the flowers, with kickstand

Congratulations to the public forum reader who took this photo, winning GMTMA's Vision of Bicycling photo contest.
Way up north, the 30th edition of the Tour de L'Ile in Montreal took place June 1, with an estimated 30,000 bicyclists.

I thought this blog post and 5-minute video captured it quite well, and perked up when Le Pista café mobile made
an appearance at the very end of the video. It's a made-in-London espresso cart / tricycle called Velopresso.

"Combining their three loves -- coffee, cycling and sustainability -- inspired two London Royal College of Art product 
design students to create a mobile espresso bar, the Velopresso, that operates on pedal power. No electricity, no motors,
no noise. A a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and technology. Inventors: Lasse Oiva & Amos Field Reid. 

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