Saturday, June 14, 2014

Philly news: Temple Student Wins $2.4 Million Judgment After Being Doored, Run Over

In case you ever wondered about the motivation for those painted sharrows on
Nassau and a few other streets: they act to help demarcate the door zone.

Read about the Ashley McKean verdict here or (link to the radio story) here.
This is notable because  the laws are quite vague, and legal precedents are few.

The sharrows here in Princeton resulted from strenuous lobbying by PBAC carried
out during the second half of 2010. Our report submitted to borough and town
council can be found by navigating the "documents" tab on our website. LINK

Yes - we've all noticed that certain existing sharrows are well-worn, and in the case
of the ones on Harrison/Ewing north of the shopping center, they've disappeared
altogether when the street got improved/resurfaced. PBAC will push to rectify this.

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