Thursday, May 8, 2014

hooray, hooray - the Month of May ( ... is Bike Month!)

Washington state is ranked, for the seventh year in a row, the most
bike-friendly state. This according to the League of American Bicyclists and
and its affiliated anonymous adjudicators. The governor of The Evergreen State
declared "As a bike rider I get to see firsthand all that Washington
has done to make bicycling part of a sustainable transportation system.
Bicycling helps make healthy communities, healthy people and a rich
quality of life.  There's always more to do, but being named the most
bike-friendly state shows we are moving on the right path."  Read more.

last year, with a score of 53 points compared to Washington's 67. But
things could be way worse: Alabama jumped by 41% but still has the
fewest points (17) - and are the veritable lanterne rouge (crimson?) of
this race! North Dakota, home state of US Bicycling Hall-of-Famer Andy Hampsten,
rose an amazing 279%, climbing from dead last to 35th place, as if
tutored in climbing technique by Andy Hampsten himself.

Speaking of Washington State, here is the description of NYT journalist
Bruce Weber as he traversed the Palouse region during his cross-country ride.


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  1. Here's what the numbers don't explicitly state, according to the NJ Bike & Walk Coalition;

    "While traffic fatalities among motorized users have dropped in recent years, the percentage of fatalities applicable to vulnerable road users has continued to rise. According to the New Jersey State Police, pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities made up 27 percent of all road fatalities in New Jersey in 2013, making the state the second worst in the nation in percentage of road fatalities that occur to vulnerable road users. "