Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ditch all your chores and go biking on a Huffy

Huffy, the venerable Dayton-based maker of bikes founded by
George Huffman, and therefore connected to the two bicycle
mechanics whose early/secretive flight testing took place
at Huffman Prairie in 1904-5, has launched an ad campaign
targeting moms.

On their website, get to know Susan, Sarah, Melissa, and Lena.

As explained in this Adweek article, their print ads/posters
feature trees made of feather dusters, houses made of dish
scrubbers, and a protagonist not wearing helmet or curlers.

More background about the campaign is in this NYT article,
which links to a YouTube channel starring the precocious/
brilliant 10 year-old "spokeskid" Grace Blais. The videos
are really quite well done.

Here's a link to the network of bike trails around Dayton OH.


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