Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revolutionary War re: Princeton Ciclovia this Sunday afternoon

Montreal is considered the most bike-friendly city in North America nowadays.

One of their daily papers is The Gazette - founded by a former employee of Ben Franklin in 1778.

I was looking at their interactive "cycling trouble spots" survey/map, at this link, then
began wondering "what was Benjamin Franklin doing up there?" and found this article

I didn't realize that when the Continental Army invaded Quebec in 1775, they were
led by the Irish-born General Richard Montgomery, after whom our neighboring
township, and many other US places including the capital city of Alabama, are named.

The heroic Montgomery was killed later that year at Quebec City, where the non-
heroic Benedict Arnold was wounded.

When Montreal surrendered to General Montgomery in November 1775, a prominent
citizen involved in the negotiations was James McGill, founder of the university. During
the 1990's, the twin brothers Bernard and Harold Shapiro were presidents of McGill
and Princeton Universities, respectively.

So think about these historic/military/academic connections when you come to 
Quaker Road this Sunday to participate in (and enjoy) the first Princeton Ciclovia,
brought to you by many sponsors including the Historical Society of Princeton.


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