Monday, February 17, 2014

Who To Call To Report Icy Sidewalks In Princeton

With regular snow this winter, many local walkers and cyclists are facing icy sidewalks and paths. Most Princeton homeowners have done a great job with clearing snow- see for example the photo at top. But we regularly receive complaints from walkers who observe paths that have not been scraped after snowfall.

It's the law in Princeton that property owners must clear paths and sidewalks next to their homes or businesses. This must be completed within 24 hours of snow falling in the former Borough (ordinance) or 48 hours in the former Township (ordinance). It's the law for a good reason: unscraped sidewalks are dangerous to pedestrians, who may fall on untreated surfaces or put themselves at risk by walking in the roadway to avoid icy patches. Leaving untreated ice or snow is not allowed. If the ice is too hard to dig out, it should be covered with sand or ashes to allow pedestrians to pass safely.

In Princeton it is a police matter to enforce untreated sidewalks next to private property. If you see an untreated sidewalk next to a private home or business, call the police department at 609-921-2100, ex. 2124 to report it. (Note- do not call 911.) The police will visit the property, and issue a fixed penalty notice and order-to-shovel as appropriate. They have already issued several this season.

For paths on public/municipal land, the Department of Public Works is responsible for treating snow and ice. Call them at (609) 497-7639 to report untreated surfaces.

Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to shovel sidewalks around their homes. It has definitely been more of a burden than usual this year, but it's great when everybody pulls together to keep our sidewalks clear and help our community beat the winter weather! 

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