Friday, February 28, 2014

Now Would Be A Really Great Time For That Spring Bike Tune-Up!

Congratulations to the winter cyclists! As seen in the photo above- there is a strong community here in Princeton who have not been put off by this crazy, snowy winter. It's amazing to regularly see people out cycling, well wrapped up in warm winter gear. But on the other hand, is it really so surprising? When you catch the 'bug' for cycling, it can become a real habit. That's why it's great to make life easier for cyclists, because once people start cycling, they often make it a regular part of their routine- and find ways of dealing with the weather!

For the rest of us- now would be a really great time to get your bike ready for the spring season. Yes, yes, so the start of March is due to bring another 6 inches of snow. But was anybody out last weekend? When the temperatures climbed to the low 60s? It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l out! What a pleasure to get back on two wheels! My bike was slumped in a corner of the garage with a couple of tarps lying over it (which had been used to cover the woodpiles in the backyard). On inspection, both tires were almost completely flat. A little bit of love and it was flying again!

What kind of state is your bike in right now? Is it ready to ride as soon as the weather picks up? Do your tires need a breath of air? Does the chain want oil? Brakes tightening? Why not use this cold weekend to get your bike in with one of our great local Princeton bike shops for a tune-up? Maybe Kopp's- the oldest bike store in America- on Spring Street? Or maybe Jay's on Nassau st. (also seen in photo above)? Don't wait for the weather to warm up. Let's be honest, after this winter- we don't want to miss a single good day! Get your bike ready now!

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