Thursday, January 23, 2014

Providing For Bikes Is Of Particular Benefit To The Least-Wealthy Commuters

This amazing chart, based on US Census Transportation Planning Products (find out more here) reveals who uses bikes most for commuting to work. All sections of society ride bikes, but forget the Portlandia stereotypes- the people who use bikes the most for traveling to work are those at the bottom end of the income spectrum. 

The figures indicate that if we are interested in social equity, we should be making sure that cycle commuters have the same equal, safe access to our roads as car drivers do. This is, in fact, a key principle of the 'Complete Streets' policy that Princeton recently adopted. But the chart shows how important it is to make specific improvements for two-wheeled commuters. To do otherwise is to penalize the less-well-off.

What do you think, how do these statistics fit with what you have observed in Princeton?

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