Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mimi on the (Sylvia) Beach

Did you know that the legendary Sylvia Beach, who is buried in
Princeton cemetery, has the same birthday as Einstein ? TRUE !

Did you know that a hotel for book lovers named after Sylvia 
overlooks an actual beach in Oregon ? As true as the day is long !!!

     "Sylvia carried pollen like a bee. She cross-fertilized these writers"

Below is a calendar of some events our PBAC committee is either
participating in, or helping to organize, during the upcoming year.

Saturday, Feb. 8 - The New Jersey Bike & Walk Summit in New Brunswick.

Friday, March 14 - to kick off Pi Day, and to pay homage to a fascinating
                           connection to Einstein's legacy related to this, this and this,
                           we're planning a group ride at CP South. Stay tuned for details.

Sunday, April 28 - Communiversity

Sunday May 4 - Inspired by the New Brunswick Cyclovia last October 6, we
                        envision getting permission to close off a few miles of one
                        of the wider roads on the outskirts of town, for a few hours in
                        the afternoon. We can look forward to a fun, car-free event.

Sunday, October 26  - Second Annual Mayor's Ride of the Falling Leaves


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