Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Vancouverite Charles Montgomery "has discovered a striking relationship between 
the design of our minds and the design of our cities, a concept he lays out in his 
new book Happy City. Montgomery has used insights in happiness science to 
drive experiments that help citizens transform their relationships with each other 
and their cities."

Read an excerpt here or a review here.  Here he explains to New Yorkers 

1 ) Use your building elevator as an opportunity to start conversation.  
2 ) Move closer to work.  
3 ) Plant a tree.  
4 ) Buy the cheapest house on an expensive street.  
5 ) Try to live within a five-minute walk of frequent public transit.
6 ) If you drive, don't waste your time searching for the closest parking spot.
7 ) Even if you hate New York's bike lanes, try riding a bike to work.
8 ) Meet your Facebook friends in the flesh.
9 ) Build stillness into your life.
10 ) Practice being nice to strangers.

And what if we added this seasonal one, backed by happiness research findings:
11) Live where you can treat yourself to a therapeutic dose of window shopping. 

Now on display in the window at Kopp's is a vintage Cinelli racing (time-trial) bike, 
much like this one as well as an older tandem track racing bike: looks like this.  

Imagine how much lighter your wallet would be if you owned the collector's item 
which is Colnago's Ferrari 60th Anniversary Limited Edition.  You could pretend to
be clad in a retro cycling jersey from the "Brooklyn Chewing Gum" racing team of 
the 1970's, whose connection to Mentos is mentioned in a Bill Strickland essay.

PS International Buy Nothing Day also came from Vancouver, and I'm happy to have 
not known about it until a few minutes ago.

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