Friday, September 20, 2013

Sept 22 is International Car-Free Day

"In 1994, Eric Britton proposed a car-free day as part of a speech at
 the Accessible Cities Conference in Toledo, Spain. The idea spread
 through Europe and reached North America in 2001, when Toronto
 had itself a car-free day. Going car-free is not only good for the
 environment, but good for your health if you can walk or cycle
 to work. You can also try car pooling."  More about Eric Britton.

Today is the 11th car-free day in downtown Montreal. Meanwhile ...

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, builder of bike lanes and champion
of congestion pricing, has seldom been cast as a friend to the
automobile. But according to the New York City Transportation
Department, a lengthy campaign to reallocate street space for
cyclists and pedestrians has produced a curious result:
If anything, officials said, cars are moving more quickly in
the city's most congested areas.  

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