Friday, September 13, 2013

Daily Princetonian editorial re: PU bike-share program

University bike-share program       BY EDITORIAL BOARD 

Following a trend started in the world's major cities, at least 33 U.S. colleges 
now offer some form of bike-sharing program. The Editorial Board believes a 
bike-sharing program would be beneficial for the Princeton community and 
recommends that the University build out its own program in accordance 
with best practices drawn from cities and other college campuses. These 
benefits include facilitating student mobility, sustainability gains and, 
possibly, a reduction in bike theft.      CONTINUE READING HERE


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  2. Bike-share is a no-brainer. There are only 2 questions: 1. What is the funding model? 2. How quickly can we do it? That said, it would not be ideal for Princeton U. to push ahead with their own scheme by themselves.

    With any network, the benefits increase exponentially with the increased number of nodes. For bikeshare, more stations means a much more useful network. If the University has its own scheme, restricted to Princeton U. students, then there will be zero stations in the town. That would put a limit on the usefulness of the scheme. There is no guarantee that any system subsequently put in place in the town would be inter-operable with an existing university scheme, and both agencies would be working at cross-purposes in attempting to roll out their own schemes.

    What should be happening is for PJPBAC representatives to liaise with the University to explore how to implement a system that includes everyone in the town, including Princeton U. students, Choir College Students, Seminary students, townies and people visiting for the day.