Monday, August 12, 2013

Packet article, "Hillier shares his vision of Witherspoon"

From the Princeton Packet last week, an article about planning.

       "As a delivery boy for the flower shop owned by his mother,
        J. Robert Hillier used to travel Witherspoon Street a lot."

                 comment:  does it get any more Dutch than delivering
                                  flowers on a bicycle, for example this one ?                       

       "Now as an accomplished architect, planner and builder with
         projects around the world, Mr. Hillier has turned his eyes to
         'freshen up,' in his words, the street that runs through one of
         Princeton's historic neighborhoods."

More commentary:      The Witherspoon corridor is one of our most
intractible problems, in terms of making the town more bike-friendly.
It's an important artery, without many parallel alternative routes; it
relates to both "Safe Routes to School", bike access to open space,
and general quality/usability of the regional bike route network.

There's a section of the Ad-Hoc Plan (document) devoted to the
corridor, and this is viewable at this link:

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