Monday, June 3, 2013

varieties of bicycle rack experiences

I'd like to thank the several people who provided thoughtful comments re: bicycle parking.

Yes, it's true. Bike racks are cheap, why ask a question about locating one single
rack ? The answer is that apparently, the town has one available rack in storage,
and would like some "customer feedback" to get opinions of the most urgent need.

Consider for example, 
this cluster of bikes locked to a parking sign outside Teresa's.

As several of you have remarked, there are many different designs of bike rack, some
being more user-friendly than others (details on the 1 available rack are not yet known).

 - there are
bolt-onto-the-sidewalk models like this and this, along Nassau, with
   the latter
bollard type getting some votes as being the most useful/flexible.

- Palmer Square has two small retro ones, at the post office, and next to the kiosk/bank.

- It has been observed that the 2 rack locations near Hinds Plaza are quite often maxed
  out. The "serpentine" rack model is used next to the public library. This photo shows the
  bicycle parking area in the alley next to J. McLaughlin, with a rack of that same type;
  this designated area consists of a metered car-parking slot having been sacrificed. On
  the topic of sacrificing car parking for bike facilities, some technical details on CitiBike 
- there is the hula-hoop model, as deployed around the perimeter of the shopping center.
  From what I can tell from this online request form, some of the more recent racks in
  NYC are this same shape, except the hoops are individually bolted to the sidewalk.
  Also at the shopping center, outside the ballet school entrance, is this little green rack.

- the public schools have, like this one at Riverside school, the big old-style racks
  which allow only the front wheel of the bike to be locked. Occupancy rate is tbd. The
  elementary school is in the vicinity of this official Bike Route sign from a bygone era.

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