Friday, June 14, 2013

Re: varieties of bicycle rack experiences

>  I didn't realise bike rack design is up for debate.

          I wouldn't say the design(s) are up for update, although all
          opinions are helpful. What we currently have is a wide range
          of styles, with some being @begin(big word) superannuated @end().

          What's probably missing are the capacity and location guidelines.

          For example, this news item from Tucson talks about, among other
          things, moving the bike parking rules into the municipal land use code.
          There are quite a few interesting comments made, including a pointer
          to this item about something we already know to be true: a bicyclist
          prefers to lock his/her bike to a nearby signpost or pole than a distant
          bicycle rack, because then it's easier to check that your bike is okay.

         The stuff about David Byrne and bike racks is quite interesting. His book
         of musings "Bicycle Diaries", mostly not about bicycling, is in the public library.

         Also in the library btw is "City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist"

         Unrelated to bicycle racks, here's more food for thought re: funding sources.

         Bicycles steer clear of Obamacare

          Why cities refuse to use health funds for cycling programs

          In addition to mandating health insurance for all Americans, the Affordable
          Care Act sets aside money that can be used for bicycle projects — but bike
          advocates have been pedaling right past these piles of cash. Why? Because
          the only thing more controversial this summer than sharing bicycles may be
          sharing the burden of health-insurance costs.

          Also check out this 13-page slideshow about bike sharing programs.

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