Sunday, June 9, 2013

bike parking/racks

We continue to gather input/opinions about location/type of bike parking facilities.

DERO is a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of bike racks, acquired
last year by Chattanooga-based Playcore.  Dero's interesting website
has, among other things, a "World Bike Parking Tour" scrapbook (PDF)
and a guidebook "The Art of Bike Parking".  A profile of DERO is here;
news about the collaboration with musician David Byrne is here and here.

used at U of Minnesota and elsewhere to incentivize/reward bike commuters.

Further reading:   Dero's Bike Parking Guidelines for small businesses.

Not All Racks Are Created Equal - A Look at Bike Parking Blunders and Best Practices

Bike Parking is Sexy - a recent article by activist/author/blogger Elly Blue

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