Friday, May 31, 2013

then came the last days of May

Suggestion box:    if you were in charge of locating a new bicycle rack, where
                           would you situate it ?

             Sample answers:

                    - at the shopping center

                    - near the existing ones at the public library

                    - inside a covered parking lot

                    - next to an existing bike rack somewhere

                    - in the parking lot behind CVS

                    - near Palmer Square

                    - on the sidewalk (or on the pavement) on Nassau St.

Please send your suggestion(s) either to me, or to "". Thanks.

Techno-trendsThe bike light that can reveal potholes: Grid projected onto road can help
cyclists avoid crashes 

Engineers from Sichuan University (in China) have designed an LED projector
that can be fitted to bicycles and help cyclists see the road ahead more effectively
at night.  Lumigrids projects square grids onto the ground in front of the bike. 
As the road surface changes, the grid bends, curves and changes shape to
highlight the potential hazards ahead.   Read the entire news article here.

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  1. It's hard to imagine anywhere in Princeton that couldn't be improved by adding more bike racks, but if I had to choose just one spot, it would definitely be right in front of the Garden Theater.