Friday, May 10, 2013

news: NJDOT announces new online NJ bike map and guide

New Jersey Department of Transportation officials [...]  has created a new online
Bicycling Map and Resource Guide that indicates the suitability of state highways
and county roads for bicycling, and announced the availability of digital bike tours that
bicyclists can download to their smart phones to track their location and progress along
numerous routes.

"Bicycling is gaining in popularity as a form of recreation, physical fitness and as an alternate travel model for commuters," said NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson. "We hope these maps and tour routes help residents and visitors discover the wonderful bicycling opportunities that exist in every New Jersey county."

Read the original press release here.  The Princeton area is in the "Northern" map,
a downloadable PDF (big file) available here (an easy-to-view excerpt is  here).

NJDOT has also made available digital versions of its previously published
18 geographically diverse tour guides. You can find find these routes here.
For example, roads labeled "LCB" on the online Bicycling Map are part
of the "Last Covered Bridge" tour, a scenic loop with start/end in Princeton.

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  1. Great map, but a sad shortage of 'green' roads in Princeton! :-(