Friday, May 31, 2013

then came the last days of May

Suggestion box:    if you were in charge of locating a new bicycle rack, where
                           would you situate it ?

             Sample answers:

                    - at the shopping center

                    - near the existing ones at the public library

                    - inside a covered parking lot

                    - next to an existing bike rack somewhere

                    - in the parking lot behind CVS

                    - near Palmer Square

                    - on the sidewalk (or on the pavement) on Nassau St.

Please send your suggestion(s) either to me, or to "". Thanks.

Techno-trendsThe bike light that can reveal potholes: Grid projected onto road can help
cyclists avoid crashes 

Engineers from Sichuan University (in China) have designed an LED projector
that can be fitted to bicycles and help cyclists see the road ahead more effectively
at night.  Lumigrids projects square grids onto the ground in front of the bike. 
As the road surface changes, the grid bends, curves and changes shape to
highlight the potential hazards ahead.   Read the entire news article here.

Friday, May 10, 2013

news: NJDOT announces new online NJ bike map and guide

New Jersey Department of Transportation officials [...]  has created a new online
Bicycling Map and Resource Guide that indicates the suitability of state highways
and county roads for bicycling, and announced the availability of digital bike tours that
bicyclists can download to their smart phones to track their location and progress along
numerous routes.

"Bicycling is gaining in popularity as a form of recreation, physical fitness and as an alternate travel model for commuters," said NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson. "We hope these maps and tour routes help residents and visitors discover the wonderful bicycling opportunities that exist in every New Jersey county."

Read the original press release here.  The Princeton area is in the "Northern" map,
a downloadable PDF (big file) available here (an easy-to-view excerpt is  here).

NJDOT has also made available digital versions of its previously published
18 geographically diverse tour guides. You can find find these routes here.
For example, roads labeled "LCB" on the online Bicycling Map are part
of the "Last Covered Bridge" tour, a scenic loop with start/end in Princeton.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unchained - the Art of the Bicycle. An exhibit at ArtWorks in Trenton

Unchained - The Art of the Bicycle

Exhibit Dates: May 11 - June 13, 2013

Reception Date: This Saturday! May 11, 2013  6-8pm


Artworks is kick'n up the RPM's with a bicycle themed art exhibit celebrating Trenton Cycling Revolution's 17th Annual Bike Tour.   An exploration into the intersection of Art and Bike Culture, from depictions of bicycles and bike culture to objects made of bicycles.

More information about this upcoming event here and here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

upcoming May events in Hopewell and West Windsor

Saturday May 4 - Bike for the Bridge.   A charity ride to benefit The Bridge Academy. Featuring guest rider: Charlie Plaskon, legally blind, Ironman triathlon athlete. Come ride with this amazing man and help support the students at The Bridge Academy of NJ.

Sunday May 19 -  The Student Movement Against Cancer club, SMAC, at Hopewell Valley 
Central High School in Pennington, New Jersey, will be holding its 4th annual Bike Tour on 
May 19th. Registration for the event will be between 8 am and 9 am in the Senior Lot of the 
high school on the day of the ride. The high school is located at 259 Pennington-Titusville 
Road Pennington NJ 08534, and the senior lot is behind the school off of Timberlane Drive. 

Suggested donation for the ride is $20, and all money goes towards helping local families 
affected by cancer. Food and water is supplied and there are rest stations every 15 miles 
of the ride. There are 3 different courses, a 15 mile, a 30 mile, and a 45 mile.

Saturday May 25 - The tenth annual West Windsor BikeFest, or "Whirr of the Wheels" 

The West Windsor BikeFest includes four rides of varying lengths ranging from a 
family fun ride, which is a 1 mile circuit in the park for young children, to a 40 mile 
ride for more experienced riders. All rides start and end at West Windsor's 
Community Park and include t-shirts, lunch and a DJ afterwards.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Copenhagenize Index 2013: The World's Top 20 Cycling Cities

Amsterdam again has the highest ranking, with a score of 83. Increasing the
number of cities under consideration from 80 to 150 has led to the US leaders
(Portland, San Francisco, New York) getting bumped out of the Index top 20.

1. Amsterdam 83

2. Copenhagen 82

3. Utrecht 77

4. Seville, Bordeaux 76

5. Nantes, Antwerp 72

6. Eindhoven 66

7. Malmö 63

8. Berlin 62

9. Dublin 60

10. Tokyo 59

11. Munich, Montreal 58

11. Nagoya 58

12. Rio 56

13. Barcelona, Budapest 55

14. Paris, Hamburg 54

For the gory details details, click here, here, or here.

May is Bike Month !

Some upcoming events:

during Natiomnal Bike Month.

     "We will reward one bicyclist each week by choosing a random 
        street corner, day, and time and then handing a packet of gift 
        certificates to the first bicyclist who rides past."

The Bridge Academy is organizing a ride with start/end
at Rosedale Park (Hopewell Township) on Saturday May 4.

Details can be found in their flyer, which is online here.