Sunday, January 20, 2013

Re: coffeeneuring

>  I've started seeing this new word "coffeeneuring" crop up. This is apparently
>  "the act act of combining two great loves" where one of the great loves is
>  "riding a bicycle to/from a coffee shop" and the second is either "drinking
>  coffee" or "just hanging out with other cyclists in a coffee shop".

I've rounded up quite a few articles about what I'll term "the importance of having
destinations (or attractors, or hubs) to create a vibrant bike-friendly community".

Cafe Benelux in Milwaukee

A list/map of regional places frequented by "avid coffeeneurists" could include:

Wertsville: Peacock's Country Store, conveniently at the base of Lindbergh Rd (climb)

East Millstone: Sunrise Creek Deli & Grocery         Pennington, Hillsborough:  Starbucks ?

Hopewell:  Boro Bean                 Stockton: Stockton Market

Princeton: Gelavino Gelato in the shopping center, which Brings a Taste of Italy to Princeton

Plainsboro:   It's A Grind   possibly the only one with a (fake) fireplace listed here.

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